US Commercialization Cluster

WattJoule originally developed ElectriStor™ Gen1 as a next generation of vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB), that enables a significant 50% cost savings. As it turns out, the ElectriStor™ Gen1 technology IP portfolio has broad applicability beyond VRFB, that can be applied to a broad range of non-vanadium flow battery chemistries.

Over the last 10 years, WattJoule has been working with both vanadium and non-vanadium flow batteries, so we are subject matter experts in this area. We have developed an experienced resource capability that can help accelerate the commercialization of all new flow battery chemistries.

With the passing of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), we recognized the demand to offer a more formalized cluster of services, working with our long-term resource partners, to address a unique and critical market need. This offering we call our US Commercialization Cluster and here is a brief summary:

WHO:  WattJoule, and several other established companies, have created a unique industry association, to provide scalable US commercialization capability for high-demand energy storage and electrification products. This is the “Cluster” and we are technology neutral.

WHY:  Cluster products are US manufactured with maximized US content, that will maximize benefits of the IRA tax credits and provide a robust, domestic supply chain. Benefits include: rapid US product commercialization and deployment, a predictable pricing model, lower CapEx & OpEx, maximized margin, lower risk, production flexibility with US friendly countries to enable localized scalability.

WHAT:  Our Cluster provides a unique service menu to fill energy storage product development, manufacturing and deployment service gaps, that complement our Customer’s current capabilities.  See the menu of available services below.

WHEN:  The Cluster has been operational for over one year and already has 3 energy storage customers built on a combined Cluster manufacturing base of $700 Million USD/year and is now growing rapidly post IRA.

Our US Commercialization Cluster