System Integrators

Energy storage system integrators have varying needs based on different business models, engineering expertise, manufacturing capability, etc. WattJoule’s ElectriStor™ product platform enables these OEM system integrators to rapidly build full energy storage systems for their specific customer project requirements. Our platform is a modular, scalable system that requires a minimum of non-recurring engineering time for any one project. We can provide the complete DC storage system so that our customers can provide significant value-add in terms of the balance-of-system:  enclosures and ventilation, AC-DC power conversion, electrical protection and energy management software. However, WattJoule can offer any or all of these balance-of-system components, as our customers require. This allows system integrators to take on as much, or as little, of the engineering and manufacturing effort as their internal resources allow.

ElectriStor™ is a flexible and highly scalable energy storage platform. Power and energy are completely independent in our platform and enable the deployment of large energy plants cost effectively optimized for the application at hand. From a practical design standpoint, power can range from 1kW to 500MW. Energy can range from 10kWh to 1GWh. No other storage technology offers this capability. As storage duration times expand beyond 5 hours the economic benefits of the platform become crystal clear vs. lithium-ion.

The ElectriStor™ platform consists of two major modules:  an energy conversion module and an energy storage module. The energy conversion module contains WattJoule proprietary energy converter stacks coupled with off-the-shelf pumps, sensors and controls packaged together. The energy storage module is a specialized tank assembly that contains WattJoule proprietary electrolytes. To obtain higher power levels, you cluster together energy conversion modules. To obtain higher energy levels, you can either increase the size of a pair of tanks and/or cluster pairs of tanks together. Clustering is easily accomplished in our modules via a unique control system and electrical architecture that auto-synchronizes multiple modules. Our entire platform makes heavy use of proven off-the-shelf components already in mass production from qualified vendors.

System integrators interested in utilizing ElectriStor™ in their storage solution should contact us to explore customized system configurations for their applications and projects. WattJoule offers sourcing of modules, or just core components, such as electrolyte and stacks. We also offer design-in engineering support and a unique multi-tier licensing option for those integrators who prefer to self-manufacture.

ElectriStor™ Evaluation Systems