WattJoule was founded in 2012 by Greg Cipriano and Dr. Frank Gibbard, experienced entrepreneurs in the energy business, and knowledgeable about difficult new product innovation and commercialization challenges.

WattJoule initially focused its efforts on the energy storage market, as a provider of world-class engineering services and technology development with specialized expertise in flow batteries and in particular, vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB). This platform technology is based on over $20 million worth of early R&D work funded by the DOE, DOD, and the NSF starting in 2010. Based on this work, WattJoule now has an IP portfolio consisting of patents, exclusive licenses, trade secrets and valuable hands-on know-how. WattJoule successfully licensed this technology.

In August 2022, with the passing of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), we recognized the critical need to offer a more formalized cluster of commercialization services for energy storage, with our long-term resource partners. This offering we call our US Commercialization Cluster.  We provide a unique menu of services to fill energy storage product development, manufacturing and deployment service gaps, that in turn complement our Customer’s current capabilities.

As a result of this history, WattJoule now has two distinct offerings:

  1. A US based Commercialization Cluster focused on energy storage solutions, with special expertise in flow batteries, applicable to a broad range of chemistries. The Cluster leverages both our long-term partner resource base and the benefits of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). You can learn more here.
  2. Providing technology licensing & engineering services for the adoption of our ElectriStor™ Gen1, next generation Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) platform, that enables a significant 50% cost savings over conventional VRFB. This has been licensed to a large energy company and is open to additional licensing opportunities. You can learn more here.

WattJoule’s “think globally, act locally” business model embraces a holistic cost reduction spiral for energy storage solutions, utilizing an open innovation approach combined with large strategic industrial partners, both upstream and downstream in the energy storage value chain. WattJoule has a world-class team that is based on strong entrepreneurship, deep technical experience in energy hardware product development/deployment, and the professional discipline to help realize our customer’s vision.

Our primary Cluster customers range from early-stage companies with disruptive technology to large strategic energy companies focused on the energy storage market. These midstream and downstream customers seek our unique expertise and industry resource network, to enable potential cost reduction and accelerated deployment of their energy storage products into the market.

Our secondary Cluster customers are upstream strategic stakeholders in the energy storage supply chain, that require our Cluster services in order to facilitate the scalable deployment of their downstream customer’s energy storage products.